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Slim & Shine Bundle | A

Slim & Shine Bundle | A
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See quick results on your fitness journey with a SolaSlim meal replacement shake and a SolaShine pre-workout shake, along with our incredible SolaSlim to increase your metabolism.

How to use me:

Copacabana Banana:

To replace a meal, mix one scoop (35g) of SolaSlim with 200ml of water, juice or milk. Try adding a handful of frozen fruit to your shake for an extra boost of fresh flavour and sunbeam power!

Use to replace 1 – 2 meals per day, depending on your goals and ambitions. You can be happy in a bikini in just a few weeks!

San Tropez Sourz:

To power up your workout, add 15g of SolaShine to a glass of milk, water, or a SolaSlim smoothie.

Serving suggestion: Try adding a spoonful almond butter to your shake for an extra boost of pre-workout power! Use before every workout to train harder and see faster results.

Arizona Oasis:

The Spring breaker hangover cure with warming ginger and chilli. Notes of spicy orange and white pepper.

SolaTea uses yerba mate as its base, getting you through the day with a kick of natural caffeine.

We've added bright flowers and curly herbs for a totally Insta-worthy cup.

Check the ingredients list for each product on their own individual product page..

Customer Reviews

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Bad customer service

I orderd a few shakes and when they arived two had exploded in the box the powder spilt out into the box witch looked like someone had played football with it all the sides were dented and split the powder sent everywere right old mess,I took pics and emailed them to company still to the day I haven't herd a word

The products were very effective

The products were very effective and it's delivered fast in just 2 days.. Super love it!

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