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Japanese Temple Organic Tea

Japanese Temple Organic Tea

Slow release energy using traditional Asian spices. Cherry blossom, goji and gingko notes.

SolaTea uses yerba mate as its base, getting you through the day with a kick of natural caffeine.

Stay woke and start slimming with our range of delicious superfood flavours - we've added bright flowers and curly herbs for a totally Insta-worthy cup.

How to use me:

To make a tea, simply add two to four teaspoons of loose leaves into your desired teakettle, pot, or infuser. Add water at a gentle boil and leave to brew for the specified period.

Sunbathing weather? Why not put your brewed tea on ice and enjoy with a spoonful of raw honey for extra solar power!

Brewing time/temp. 3minutes in 80 ° C


Ingredients: yerba mate, papaya pieces, aromas, goji berries, raspberries, mullein flowers, ginkgo, sandalwood, cornflower petals. May contain traces of nuts.


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