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What it means to be VIP?


40% discount

HelloSunshine! Shakes offers a massive 40% personal discount on any of our Shakes for all qualified VIP’s.


Reach next level

Start earning money as soon as you sign up to our partner network Refersion, as you earn you will unlock the higher levels (level 2 and level 3) each with their own fantastic rewards! Track your commission and stats in one place.


Be the first

You will receive early invites to our hottest launches and be the first to know about our latest HelloSunshine! offers.


High commission

Take part in our VIP programme and earn higher commission than anyone else on our program. Earn up to 30% every time someone makes a purchase – what’s not to love about that?

Do you qualify?

Pro requirements are as follows:

  • One valid photo identification (passport/driver’s licence)
  • Two pieces of professional Personal Trainer/Fitness Guru/Gym Hero/Professional Dancer/Nutritionists/Dietitian/Sport Freak/Sport Chef/Gym Owner criteria from the following:
  • Photocopy of any certificate you have obtained
  • Programme or press material with name credit
  • Professional valid licence
  • Proof of qualifications

Are you ready for the VIP status?

Join our affiliate program by visiting our partner network Refersion. We’ll review your application and contact you once you have been approved (yay!).

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