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OMG, You're Zen.

Ditch the dairy-drenched coffee or sugar-packed energy drinks. Our selection of sun fruit teas have a tropical taste and a natural caffeine kick.

Whatever your lifestyle, use SolaTea to feel fresh, stay alert, and detox from nasty sugar and synthetic energy.

Borrowing from Latina Mate Tea, universally renowned for its high-energy properties and weight-maintaining side effects, we’ve added our trademark succulent superfoods for new nutrients and top taste.

Drink as many times per day as you need in whatever combinations you prefer! We’ve selected a unique blend of desert succulents, juicy fruits and subtle spices to create five perfect flavor profiles.

Try Mexican Sand, Japanese Temple, Brazilian Beach, Arizona Oasis, or French Riviera to feel infused with sun power. Drink, breathe, get shit done.

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