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OMG, You're Lean.

Whether your goal is banishing bloat or a dropping a dress size, SolaSlim has it covered.

If you’re not a big gym bunny or you’re GirlBossing too hard to find the time, SolaSlim is designed with you in mind (runners and weightlifters, check out SolaShine).

Our formula harnesses the planet’s most potent superfoods to give you a full, nutritional meal with a fraction of the calories.

Choose SolaSlim once per day alongside two usual meals, giving yourself a calorie deficit, you won’t even notice whilst upping your vitamin count.

If you’re trying a serious cutback, choose SolaSlim twice per day and treat yourself at meal #3.

We’ve selected delicious bananas, luscious berries, succulent herbs and subtle spices to create three perfect flavor profiles.

Choose from Copacabana Banana, Sahara Vanilla and Mexicocoa (yeah, it’s protein-packed chocolate!). Drink for two weeks, wait for the magic.

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